Flaight Smart Media Inc. has the global ambition to revolutionize TV production and AI-assisted in-venue viewing at concerts and sports events. Our tech integration delivers full 360˚ immersive mobile video from the GLOBY super-stable production platform.

Through its inherent "globe" shape the Globy™ is a flight safety focused drone with extraordinary features. The six on-board cameras and the advanced stitching chip are beaming a low-latency signal to an in-venue Massive Broadcast™ server.

Flaight's proprietary Massive Broadcast technology allows simultaneous streaming to the smartphones of tens of thousands of attendees. On their smartphones fans can both touch-select and voice-control any part of the live 360˚ image they would love to see. It's easy. Just make that smart choice and join the media revolution! "Get our drone in your phone™".

Our FREE app will accommodate innovative 360˚ and AR advertising and introduce new commercial and e-sports (influencer) partners. It includes the breakthrough option to either distribute commercials in full 360 degrees or simultaneously broadcast six - attributable - clips in the regular 16:9 ratio format.

Finally our in-event approach includes an original award winning location based social platform that offers visitors UNMATCHED PRIVACY AND ENHANCED SECURITY AND PUBLIC SAFETY.

Flaight's proprietary technologies and all other aspects of its Intellectual Property are secured by various patent applications.

One more thing: Flaight has recently developed INSIDER360™. It is a disruptive 360˚ video solution for the boxing ring. No drone here, it's something completely different.

Our full set of business objectives, technical details and legal documents is available upon request.